Traceability Workflow for Ultrasound probes

Posted by Nanosonics on Oct 28, 2018 4:26:59 PM

Watch Video - Automated traceability workflow for endocavitary probes (time 2:05 mins)

SDMS 2018 11 Traceability for Ultrasound

Traceability is essential for the reprocessing and use of semi-critical and critical ultrasound probes, and the regulatory requirements will be reviewed as part of managing the expansion of ultrasound throughout healthcare. By implementing this knowledge and information, infections can be prevented protecting patients and sonographers.


High level disinfection (HLD) traceability protects your patients and your institution. Traceability refers to the documentation collected to link medical devices and their reprocessing parameters with their use on patients. In the event of infection outbreaks it is important to have this information recorded. Accrediting agencies look for traceability processes that are compliant with evidence based standards and guidelines.

To find out more about Challenges of Infection Control in Ultrasound watch the complete video recording presented at the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonography (SDMS)  conference 2018. Click Here



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