New Ultrasound Probe Infection Risk – don’t take the risk!

Posted by Nanosonics on Mar 19, 2017 10:40:15 AM

Infection Control Today has just released a Call to Action about ultrasound probe infection risk.

New Ultrasound Probe Infection Risk 

It highlights that immediate action is needed to bridge gaps in awareness about ultrasound probe reprocessing requirements, and to enhance education.

In recent years there has been rapid development of new types of ultrasound procedures across a wide range of departments. Ultrasound is now the most widely used diagnostic modality in the US. With ultrasound usage ever on the increase, the risk of infection from improperly reprocessed ultrasound probes has also grown.

This is a real challenge for those responsible for infection prevention

Download this Call-to-action to explore the findings of the survey, including: 

  • challenges presented by ultrasound probe infections
  • current efforts to monitor and manage ultrasound sites
  • discover a path towards action and education around the risks

Call To Action

We commissioned a survey late last year of over 100 infection preventionists, to gain a better understanding of their awareness of ultrasound-related infection risk and reprocessing requirements. A roundtable with 8 leading infection prevention clinical experts was also convened to gain further insight.

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Click Here To Download Your Free Copy  From Infection Control Today

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