Nanosonics, the manufacturer of trophon technology, makes sustainability a priority at every step.

  • trophon technology successfully prevents the disposal of thousands of gallons of chemical and water waste, since the only bi-product of our sonicated hydrogen-peroxide mist cycle is oxygen and a few drops of water.
  • As our trophon EPR devices (first generation) reach the end of their service lives, Nanosonics is proud to partner with our healthcare providers by providing free recycling of your trophon EPR device(s).
  • 100% of the trophon EPR device is then kept out of landfills through an advanced recycling technology.*
  • The new trophon2 device features the same core technology of sonically-activated H2O2, but takes sustainability a step further. When used with our Nanosonics AuditPro® Digital Logbook integration, clinicians can eliminate the need for a manual, paper logbook – saving trees, and physical storage space!

Trade in and trade up, sustainably.

Trade in your trophon EPR device and get custom savings on the new trophon2 system! See what your trophon EPR trade-in is worth. The planet and your budget will thank you!

*When customers return their trophon EPR devices to Nanosonics, our recycling partner, Technology Recyclers ensure that 100% of the products they recycle are kept out of landfills.