And it’s all thanks to the 5,000+ healthcare facilities throughout North America, who have helped make this possible, and you can too with trophon2® installed at your facility!

In 2011, Nanosonics introduced the trophon device to North America. Since then, trophon technology has rapidly disrupted the ultrasound infection prevention industry and is now recognized as the global standard of care. The innovative technology features automated, fail-safe, high level disinfection cycles with ‘sonically activated’ disinfectant mist.

The trophon device eliminates an extended range of pathogens that have been implicated in healthcare-associated infections,1,2 and outperforms other methods of disinfection that have been tested in similar clinical settings.3,4

The results? Behind each and every trophon reprocessing cycle, is a patient protected from the risk of healthcare-associated infections.

Patients Protected
With more than 25,000 trophon devices installed throughout North America, that translates to:

  • More than 82,000 patients protected each day
  • Patients protected in over 1.7 million ultrasound procedures each month
  • Patients protected in over 20 million procedures each year
  • Patients protected in over 100 million procedures since 2011

Environmental Benefits
The environment is another beneficiary of trophon technology as the by-products of each disinfection cycle are environmentally-friendly oxygen and water. When replacing traditional decontamination methods, each trophon device may prevent the disposal of thousands of gallons of water and soaking chemicals into the environment each year.

See what our healthcare partners are saying
These results are only accomplished thanks to the disinfection decisions of 5,000+ healthcare partner facilities – large and small, public and private, urban and rural, early adopters and new partners… These healthcare partners trust trophon devices as their reprocessing solution for these reasons:

  • Patient & staff safety
  • Improvement of workflow efficiency & time savings
  • Environmental impact
  • Automation & standardization
  • Efficacy & HLD confidence
  • Accreditation readiness
  • Improved space & asset utilization

Thank you for sharing our commitment to infection prevention. We want to support your efforts to protect patients in the next 100 million procedures.

Complimentary Clinical Site Assessment
For a limited time, we’re offering the first 50 partners who complete the form, a complimentary Clinical Site Assessment valued at $5,000. The assessment looks at ultrasound probe cleaning, disinfection, storage and traceability and provides a confidential, detailed gap analysis against federal guidelines and national standards. It is designed to help you implement best practices in infection control, and to help you enhance readiness for accreditation surveys.


*The trophon® family includes trophon® EPR and trophon®2, which share the same core technology of ‘sonically activated’ hydrogen peroxide.

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