ASUM/ACIPC new ultrasound probe reprocessing guidelines

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You may be aware of the new national Guidelines for Reprocessing Ultrasound Transducers recently issued in Australia by the Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM), jointly with the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control (ACIPC).

The new guidelines place emphasis on applying HLD not just to intracavity probes, but also to all surface probes used in semi-critical procedures. They state that “If the transducer comes in direct contact with non-intact skin, blood or mucous membranes transducers should be cleaned [and undergo] HLD”.

Download ASUM/ACIPC Guidelines

This development in Australia is part of a growing international trend in recognising the risks associated with potential cross contamination of ultrasound transducers and the importance of implementing strict controls to mitigate these risks.

The World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (WFUMB) have also just released their Guidelines for cleaning transvaginal ultrasound transducers between patients, which recommend HLD for semi-critical probes (including surface probes that contact non-intact skin).

Download WFUMB Guidelines


A Call to Action

This topic is also very much in the spotlight in the United States, with the recent publication of a Call to Action by Infection Control Today on ultrasound probe infection risk.  They commissioned a survey late last year of over 100 infection preventionists, to gain a better understanding of their awareness of ultrasound-related infection risk and reprocessing requirements. A roundtable with 8 leading infection prevention clinical experts was also convened to gain further insight. 

The resulting Call to Action highlights that immediate action is needed to bridge gaps in awareness about ultrasound probe reprocessing requirements and to enhance education.

Download ICT Call to Action  

With all of these factors in mind, Nanosonics has arranged for two representatives from the Call To Action group to present their insights in a live webinar!

Nanosonics has reached out to the group that recently published this Call to Action on ultrasound probe infection risk and two of these experts will now present their conclusions in a live webinar.

Webinar: Ultrasound Probe Infection Risk – A Call to Action

Join this webinar to find out more!

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Details - Australia  

Date: 20th April 2017

Time: 9AM AEST (Australia)

Cost: Complimentary

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Date: 19th April 2017

Time: 7PM EST (USA)

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 Learning Objectives

  • Understand current ultrasound probe reprocessing guidelines and their clinical application
  • Gain awareness of new research, global trends and new technology in ultrasound probe reprocessing
  • Gain awareness of the expansion of ultrasound procedures to a wider range of departments and procedures
  • Understand probe reprocessing challenges and strategies that could improve patient safety


Sue Barnes, RN, CIC, FAPIC

Infection Prevention Consultant, Board member California APIC Council, SF APIC Chapter, Facilitator National Corporate IP Director Network 

Ruth Carrico, PhD FNP-C, FSHEA CIC

Associate Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Louisville School of Medicine


Kathy Warye 

Infection Prevention Partners

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